What is a live casino? Tips for playing live casino 777color

Live casino is always the room with the most participation in online casinos. With a diverse game store, realistic gameplay and attractive rewards, this game is sure to help you satisfy your need for perfect entertainment.

So what is a live casino? How to play live casino to win big and earn huge sums of money? Please follow the following article of Bookmaker 777Color to get the most accurate answer.


What is a live casino? This can be understood as a form of online game in the field of betting. Players can participate directly in casino games through the platform website, the house’s application, and the game portal. In live casinos, players can find casino staff who deal live cards and interact with players, ensuring fairness and transparency during play.

Players can place bets and interact with many other players through the live chat function. Thanks to online technology, live casino gives players the same experience as playing at a real casino. With an attractive betting environment and high winning rate, live casino is a great choice for you to satisfy your betting passion and have the opportunity to win great rewards.

what is live casino
what is live casino


It is no coincidence that the livecasino lobby has wide coverage and is enthusiastically received by bettors. So what is the reason why live casino attracts millions of plays every day? Let’s take a look at the impressive advantages of this betting playground.

Modern live casino technology

Livecasino uses interactive technology through live stream, allowing players to have an experience like actually playing in a casino. Dealers will be responsible for realistically monitoring and recording players’ actions. Results and balances are also updated quickly and transparently. Saving previous bets also helps players easily review them.

Interact with real people

Interacting with real people is a special feature of live casino. From the dealer to the players at the betting table, all are real people, directly performing activities in the game. This creates a fun, interactive environment, allowing players to chat, socialize, and even give gifts to others.

Vivid images, top-notch sound

Live casino offers vivid images and high quality sound. Every detail is transmitted directly on the screen, providing high reliability. This helps players control and prevent cheating during the game more perfectly.


Casino online brings together many betting products with extremely attractive payout rates. What are the most popular games in live casino? Let’s find out now.

most popular games in casino online
most popular games in casino online


The 21-point blackjack game is indispensable in live casino. Just by planning a reasonable strategy and placing smart bets, you can enjoy the joy of winning big. You can apply experience from experienced card players to increase your winning rate.


Baccarat is a highly appreciated game at live casinos because of its high payout rate. This game brings interesting experiences. To win big, in addition to understanding the rules of the game, you also need to learn some other moves in Baccarat.


Roulette wheel is always a joy for gamblers when playing at live casino. This game has a spinning wheel divided into different numbers and colors. You can bet on specific numbers, colors, or different groups of numbers before the spin begins. When the wheel stops, the marble will fall into a box and determine the winning result.

Post moves forward

Tien Len has a maximum of 4 players, and each table usually has 4 participants. The number of hundreds of tables every day proves the appeal of this game. You can choose the appropriate betting table to challenge other players.

Xoc disc

Xoc Dia has the nature of betting on both sides of the coin and is placed face down in a bowl. When playing online, the dealer will shake the disc while you place your bet. Participating in playing coin toss online, you will be given a coin toss by the Dealer and you can bet on the options below.

In addition, live casino also has many other interesting games such as Dragon Tiger, 3 Card Cards, Four Color Cards, Poker,… with simple rules and extremely attractive payout rates.


tips to play-livecasino to be sure of winning
tips to play-livecasino to be sure of winning

After understanding the concept of live casi, you definitely want to learn how to play to win easily, right? So don’t miss some betting advice from veteran players right here:

  • Choose a live casino game where you understand the rules and the win-loss ratio, this will help you minimize the risk when betting.
  • Apply smart betting strategies, start with low bets and gradually increase to gain experience and find the rules of the game to protect your investment.
  • Manage your bets wisely, plan your play and set a limit on the amount you are willing to bet.
  • Keep a stable mentality, stay calm and carefully observe the betting game to make the most accurate betting decisions.
  • Play in moderation and know when to stop. Set time limits and the amount you are willing to play and stick to them. Don’t let gambling affect your personal and financial life.


Hopefully the above sharing has been helpful to you in finding the answer to the question of what is live casino and picking up a few playing tips to help you have the highest winning rate. Wishing you good luck and great success. Don’t forget to visit 777Color to experience a classy online casino playground.