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DG Live Casino lobby is a completely new gaming lobby at 777Color with a modern livestream style. Different from other providers, this lobby has two playing interfaces: casino and beautiful MC. This is really interesting because no casino has ever offered such a diverse form of play to give customers many attractive experiences.

A few words about the DG Live Casino game hall

There is not much information about the DG betting hall, but this is a partner of 777Color. DG Casino is the acronym for Dream Gaming, a long-standing betting unit in Asia. The headquarters of this unit is located in Thailand and has ambitions to expand to many places. A special feature of DG Live Casino is its diverse game portfolio, attracting many customers.

DG Live Casino also has an extremely beautiful and hot team of dealers and MCs. Furthermore, betting rooms always have a minimum bet level available for you to choose in accordance with your financial conditions.

A few words about the DG Live Casino game hall
A few words about the DG Live Casino game hall

Instructions for playing at DG Live Casino 777Color

To enter the DG Live Casino betting hall is not difficult, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of bookmaker 777Color via the official link to avoid scams and keep personal information safe.
  • Step 2: On the home page, select “Casino” and select the DG Casino lobby.
  • Step 3: Choose the appropriate table and bet to experience the exciting feelings here.

However, when playing at DG, you should note the following issues:

  • Keep a stable internet connection to avoid lag when playing.
  • Make sure to have a minimum balance to play in the betting lobby.
  • Each player can only use one betting account to ensure fairness.
Instructions for playing at DG Live Casino 777Color
Instructions for playing at DG Live Casino 777Color

Unique betting games at DG Live Casino lobby

777Color’s DG Live Casino lobby always brings players the hottest and most popular games. Through the combination of typical Thai culture, this place is full of interesting games waiting for players to explore.


Baccarat is one of the most popular prize-winning games at casinos around the world. Simple rules and high reward rates make this game attractive. In particular, DG Live Casino is the main destination with the largest number of betting participants.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is an extremely popular game at 777Color and attracts a large number of players. The rules are much simpler than other games. Just compare the cards of the “Long” and “Tiger” bets to determine which side has the higher score and win.


Roulette, along with its interesting gameplay, also attracts many players. This game originated from Europe and is now available in many casinos around the world. The way to bet is quite simple, just spin the ball on a wheel with 37 numbered boxes and the bettor will win depending on which box the ball lands on.


Sicbo, also known as dice, is a type of betting game in the form of rolling dice. This game is available in many casinos with variations for players to bet on.

Why should you join DG Casino at 777Color?

There are many reasons why you should join DG Live Casino at 777Color, including:

Why should you join DG Casino at 777Color?
Why should you join DG Casino at 777Color?
  • Diverse Game Titles: DG Live Casino offers a diverse range of casino games, including Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Sicbo, and many more. You will always have many options to experiment and choose according to your personal preferences.
  • The Attraction of Live Games: Instead of playing against the computer, you have the opportunity to participate in live games with real dealers. This creates fun and realistic interaction, helping you feel the real casino space.
  • Safe and Trusted Environment: 777Color is committed to ensuring safety and fairness for players. Their betting system is designed with security measures in mind Highly confidential, and games are periodically audited to ensure transparency.
  • Picture and Sound Quality: DG Live Casino uses advanced technology to provide the best picture and sound quality. You will feel like you are participating in a real casino from your perspective.
  • Multiplayer Community: Joining DG Live Casino, you will connect with a large community of passionate players around the world. This is a great opportunity to meet and make friends with people with similar interests.
  • Professional Customer Support: 777Color always has a professional customer support team ready to answer all questions and help you anytime you need.


How to withdraw winnings to account?

Bookmaker 777Color integrates many payment methods for you to choose from. Just provide your bank information and do a few operations, you can withdraw money immediately.

What are the conditions for withdrawing money to the bank?

Each casino hall has different withdrawal conditions. Carefully read the instructions and general regulations compiled by 777Color for implementation.

Can I play DG Live Casino games on mobile?

Yes, DG Live Casino’s games are optimized for play on mobile devices. You can access and play directly from your phone or tablet.


DG Live Casino is an extremely hot and interesting gaming hall at 777Color. Its appeal is demonstrated by hundreds of thousands of visits every day. Besides, DG lobby also has many attractive promotions for you to bet on. Hopefully the information we share will help you better understand this attractive and interesting game hall.

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